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Compelling answers to life’s questions by Nathaniel Branden

I’m hoping it will become self evident as to why I would post content I love regarding Self Esteem, Trust, Excellence, Personal Growth, and Value. I’ll trust you’ll get it and enjoy it. If you really love it let me know the next time we speak or post a comment below. Tell me what you love and I’ll surely respond.

Enjoy this response from Dr. Nathaniel Branden regarding how and when to take action. I’ve written a lot about Thinking, Feeling or Doing. Nathaniel clears up any confusion about what is most important.

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Understanding anger and the sentence completion technique

From time to time I will post interesting segments of interviews I’ve conducted over my career. While I’m sure some pattern will emerge right now I’m just sharing what seems important to me at the moment. Perhaps it will strike a chord, soothe or encourage you. I’m hoping it will be a catalyst for conversation here on the blog and when I see you next. The overall arch or theme of these posts will relate to TRUST or EXCELLENCE or VALUE and of course living good.

One of my mentors, Nathaniel Branden is on the mic today. He’s answering very specifci question about anger. I worked with and interviewed him many times. I encourage you to read any of his books, visit his site and learn of his work. I’ll look for the sentence completion technique discussed in the audio below and post it.

I encourage you to listen to this carefully. Branden is a master therapist with incredible insight and skill. Listen to how he breaks down the emotion of anger so it becomes understandable- something you can work with and address rather than succumb to.

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