Featured Communities


Go anywhere in the country and have someone find out that you live in Destin. They’ll be amazed, envious, and probably say they’ve been here at some point in their life. Destin is a true piece of paradise with a ton of history.


What started off as a county highway on a beautiful strip of beach turned into the name for a truly magnificent part of the Emerald Coast. Dotted with numerous small communities, 30a has upscale, modern living with a family friendly atmosphere.

Fort Walton Beach

You might consider Fort Walton Beach the beating heart of the Emerald Coast. More regular day to day life goes on here, while still having an impact on the area as a whole.


Perhaps the most laid back of that areas we tend to focus on, Niceville is a more secluded piece of the Emerald Coast with more natural beauty than would appear on the surface.